Webinar schedule

We propose to conduct educative webinars for all the Rak Biggest Weight Loser Participants, addressed by eminently qualified speakers on the following topics, during the duration of the challenge, every Friday for 40 minutes, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM. (wef friday 27 January to 10th March 2023). Topics & Speakers are subject to change. The specific topic & speaker will be circulated a week ahead to all concerned.

1. Insights of ObeFit :- 27th January 2023
Prof Adrian Kennedy, Chief Wellness Officer- RAK Hospital
2. Obesity & Clinical Management:- 3rd Feb 2023
Dr Hala Abuoelseoud, HOD Department of Endocrinology-RAK Hospital
3. Diets & Obesity:- 10th Feb 2023
Ms Ruba Elhourani, HOD Department of Diet & Nutrition-RAK Hospital
4. Exercising Obesity:-17th Feb 2023
Dr Madhurima Deshmukh, Prolife
5.Psychology of Obesity:- 24th Feb 2023
Ms Zobia, Clinical Psychologist-RAK Hospital
6. Obesity & Holistic Management :- 3rd March 2023
Dr H S Wilkhoo, Specialist Lifestyle Medicine-RAK Hospital
7. Childhood Obesity Management :- 10th March 2023
Dr Vishal Mehta, Specialist Pediatrician-RAK Hospital
8. Surgical Management of Obesity:- 17th March 2023
Dr Susan Ugale, Director Kirloskar & Virinchi Hospital - India