RBWL Challenge Period

12 Weeks / 84 days (From 16 Dec’2023 to 3rd March’2024)


All participants have to register on the Online RAK Hospital registration link.

  • Online Registration for all categories, Starting Date: 10th Dec’2023
  • Online Registration Closing Date: Physical-17th Dec 2023
  • Onsite Registration: (Walk-in participants). Participants, who are unable to Register online, may Register by reporting to RAK Hospital on 16 Dec,2023 between 9am-5pm.
  • Registration Time: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
  • Registration Fees: Free

Registration Documents

All Participants: On Registering in the Registration link, will get access to

  • Registration Form, ie Name, Regn No (RBWLC Regn#), Medical details, etc,


RAK Hospital RBWLC Physical Challenge Category

Those participants who wish to be a part of the Physical RBWLC Challenge category , must weigh in at RAK Hospital, on the first day & final day, & must bring all their Registration Documents for validation.

RBWLC Virtual Participants Category

Participants may weigh in at any medical clinic convenient to them. But to qualify for an Award/Recognition, the participant must have proof of weighing in at a clinic at first & last weighing in.

RAK Hospital OP Cases, Category

All RAK Hospital OP Clients with a BMI of above 25 are automatically registered for the challenge & will get the benefits of Health Tips & Weekly Webinars. In case the participants in this category want to qualify for Awards & Prizes, they will need to register under the Physical or Virtual Categories.

RBWLC Corporate Team Challenge

To be a Corporate Team member, the participant must identify his company name in the registration form. Details of company ID etc will also be reviewed in due course. Results will be decided on the Average weight lost by the top 10 team employees of a company.

School Weight Loss Challenge

The school children’s BMI as recorded in the school clinic, or as recorded in the RAK Hospital Screening, will be reviewed to identify the schools BMI. Separately, a team of not less than 10 School Staff members & Teachers may form a team, to compete with other schools for the School’s Weight loss Trophy